Manatee Tours: What do Manatees eat?

Manatees diets consist mainly of seagrasses, which they graze on in shallow coastal waters and estuaries. Manatees are also known to consume other aquatic vegetation, including algae and water hyacinths. With a large, flexible upper lip and powerful prehensile lips, manatees are well-adapted to feeding on a variety of submerged vegetation. They use their flippers to manipulate and guide food into their mouths. Due to their massive size and relatively low metabolic rate, manatees have a slow and steady grazing pattern, spending a significant portion of their day foraging for the plant-based sustenance that supports their dietary needs. Maintaining a balanced and herbivorous diet is essential for the well-being and survival of these gentle giants in their aquatic habitats – like Kings Bay.

Our Manatee Tours take place in Kings Bay, which is known to be one of the most important critical habitats for the endangered Western Indian Manatee. The warm waters are perfect for growing the seagrasses that the manatees graze on. Recently, the City of Crystal River was awarded $4.46 million to benefit keeping waters clean for the manatees and wildlife in Crystal River and Kings Bay.

For more information about the restoration project: River restoration projects to get state funding | Local News |

Crystal River’s clear waters in Kings Bay made viewing the manatees on this tour nothing short of amazing! Swimming with the manatees is an experience you and your family/friends will never forget! The temperatures are falling very rapidly here in Crystal River, FL and with the ocean getting colder everyday. That being said, more and more manatees are moving into the springs looking for that perfect 72 degree water. This time of year is the best time of year to snorkel/swim with the manatees and have a great up close experience in the water or on the boat viewing these majestic creatures in person! Swimming with manatees gives you an intimate and up close view of how calm and collected these mammals are while you are snorkeling.

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